Why Do Ranchers Carry Firearms?

Being a rancher is not only a physical challenge, but it comes with many other challenges as well. While out riding the range, there are a number of situations that can come up that can leave the rancher in a predicament; one that may require the need and use of a gun.
Ranchers have a lot of responsibility, many of which take them away from the ranch and their home. They are out on the open land where many a situations can arise. Some situations may just require the use of their minds, to get them out of the predicament,Horse Riding while others would require the use and need for a gun.  Most ranchers when not using their guns, will take the utmost caution to make sure they are secure.  So what are the situations that would require needing a gun with you? Let’s take a look into the work and activities of a rancher, and that will help you to understand why many ranchers prefer to have a gun with them while they work.

Away from the ranch, in an environment where the land is untamed and can be wild, anything can come up on you, and any situation can arise. Think about the snakes that are definitely there; most hiding in the safety of the different obstacles; like trees, under rocks, in a bush, etc. But they do come into view and can get aggressive. If you were confronted with a poisonous snake, you may wish you had a gun to take care of the situation.

On that note, it’s not only snakes that can be a problem. What if you were to encounter a wild animal? A bear, a mountain lion, or cougar? Would you feel safer if you had a gun on you, that, should you need to defend yourself against an angry cat, you could? Maybe you come upon a wild animal that was insistent on attacking one of your horses and you know that you won’t be able to protect your horse, without the use of your gun? You will be thankful you had a gun with you to handle the situation, and protect your property and yourself, and if you aren’t in that situation, it’s just that much better to make sure it’s tucked away out of harms reach and locked up.

Cowboys spend most of their time on their property; on their ranch and on their farm. Yes, things can happen, even to a farmer, but as a rancher, the events that can unfold as you go about your day and do your job, are limitless. And many want and need protection for themselves, and their property – their horses, cattle, whatever it is they are doing that day.

Ranchers find that “protection” is the driving force to getting and carrying a firearm. Especially because there are situations that aren’t always animal-related. There is the chance a rancher could run into someone who tries to harm them, or their herd. Maybe steal part of their herd; just any number of scenarios. And they feel that it is better to be safe, and prepared, than sorry.

That’s Bull! Here’s What a REAL Woman’s Skin Care Looks Like…

I spend a lot of time outside during rodeo season due to my own practicing and while I train other contenders. I have found that a good skin regimen is of utmost importance to maintain healthy skin. I will outline what skin care routine works for me and my lifestyle. Feel free to tweak it to better fit your needs.

Being outside all the time is very hard on my skin as it is continually exposed to the sun, dirt and other environmental factors. I have to be very vigilant of the effects of these things and the condition of my skin. I start and end every day washing my face with a mild soap and warm water. I always used a washcloth and scrub in a circular motion as well. The scrubbing helps remove excess skin and allows the pours to open. When I have completed each wash and scrub my skins is noticeably brighter and much healthier in appearance.

After my morning face washing, I always apply a liberal amount of sunscreen to my neck and face. I like to use at least an SPF 45 horse ridingbecause I spend so much time outdoors preparing for my next rodeo. Applying sunscreen protects the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun. Extended, unprotected exposure can cause wrinkles, sun spots and most dangerously cancer. It is so important to protect yourself before you have to worry about any health risks associated with sun exposure.

Another key element to my skin care routine is to drink a lot of water. The more hydrated you are the better your skin will look. Drinking the proper amount of water will give you glowing and healthy skin. I drink roughly 10-12 cups of water a day to make sure that I am well hydrated. I can see a difference in my skin on the days that I do not drink that proper amount of water. When I do not drink enough water my skin tends to look dull and dry. You may drink spring or tap water depending on your water quality, just be certain to avoid bottled drinking water as most of it has sodium in it that will lessen the amount that is truly absorbed. Again, being outside for the most part of the day with the horses does not afford me any extra fluids so I have to consume as much water as possible.

Healthy skin also starts from the inside and every little thing we put in our mouths eventually shines through in your skin. I choose to eat a vegan, non-processed lifestyle largely in part to the health benefits of them. My diet is rich in antioxidant, mineral and vitamin rich and my skin is a definite reflection of it.

Lastly, but certainly not least is the importance of sleep. Most people don’t think that sleep with have an impact on the appearance of their skin, but it really does. Those that get the recommended amount of sleep have much healthier and brighter skin as opposed to those that get far less.

How To Keep Your Hair From Looking Like a Rodeo

When most women want to style their hair, they will find a variety of gadgets on the market to help them get the look that they want. They should be careful that they use the proper tools in order to make their hair look spectacular. miss-300x245One of the newest technology gadgets for hair styling is the curling wand. Now – let’s continue on and talk about curling wand basics.

Curling Wands Are Easy To Use

Curling wands are very easy to use. A woman simply needs to put the hair around the wand and keep it there for a matter of seconds depending how much curl she wants. If she wants deeper curls, she will need to hold it on the hair for longer periods of time. Looser curls do not require much time at all.
Learning How To Use The Curling Wands

Many women like to learn from a professional hair stylist how they can use the curling wands in the best way. If they aren’t visiting a hair salon, and they want to learn how to use it properly, they should read the instructions that it comes with.

The Size Of The Curling Wand Is Important

If a woman needs to travel a lot, she will want to get a curling wand that is portable and easy to carry in her bag or suitcase. For those that are planning to use them only at home, they can get the bigger kind that offers more uses. This is important, just like it would be important to use the right shampoo if you were trying to add volume to your hair.

Where To Find Curling Wands To Use For Hair Styling

• A hair salon that sells beauty products is a place that will stock curling wands. They will have the best ones on the market for women if they want to purchase them.
• Department stores are great places to find curling wands. Women will want to check the store sales in order to get a great price on them.
• The Internet is a great place to find curling wands. Many of the online stores will offer lower prices than the hair styling or department stores.

How Much Do Curling Wands Cost?

The costs for curling wands will vary. It will depend on what brand a woman is looking at and the different options that it offers. In order to save money, she may want to wait for a sale or discount. She can also scour the online stores for clearance items that may be really marked down.

Storing A Curling Wand

As with all hair styling machines, the curling wand should be stored in a clean, dry place. Most women like to keep them in a drawer or on a shelf that is outside of their bathroom. It should also be kept clean, which only take a damp cloth to clean it whenever it has been used for a while or appears dirty.

Finding a good curling iron can make a huge difference in how long it takes a woman to do her hair. She will find that she can use it very easily to make herself look ready for both business and pleasure. If you are looking for detailed reviews on individual curling wands, you can check out some great information here at this site: http://www.betterhairday.com.

Athletic Therapy: What Is It?

I’ve been seeing an athletic therapist for years now. As you can imagine the rodeo takes a toll on your body. Everyone knows bull rider’s get beat up but so do calf ropers (ever tried dismounting a horse while it runs?), barrel racers, saddle and bareback bronco riders and of course the rodeo clowns.

I started seeing John from Prairie Therapy years ago when he was with the PBR studying concussions. At the time he was working towards becoming a full fledged athletic therapist. At the time I had no idea what an athletic therapist was. I had seen physiotherapists before and although they’re similar they aren’t quite the same thing. A quick definition

“A Certified Athletic Therapist assesses injuries and conditions, utilizes contemporary rehabilitative techniques, therapeutic modalities, soft tissue mobilization, physical reconditioning”

And as I asked John the first time I met him as he was treating my shoulder, a result of falling off a horse during a barrel race years ago, he put it simply as “we’re physio’s with more training”. This of course made sense to me as I later learned that John wTaping-Footorked within several different sports. He worked for a semi-professional baseball team, university hockey teams in addition to working on the PBR circuit during the season.  I should mention, he was barely out of school and had already worked with some of the world’s best athletes. I guess that is where the extra schooling comes in. Personally, I think it’s this experience that seperates the AT’s I’ve dealt with from physios. Treating high end athletes is like building Nascars, there is a hell of a lot riding on that machine. If it’s not performing at an optimal level your competition has a huge advantage.

It’s been years since I’ve seen John as he began to focus on his clinic full time. One thing is for sure, I’m glad I met him. After my fall in 2008 I thought my shoulder would never be the same. It always hurt the day after races and my range of motion was shot. He introduced to me and showed me the benefits of a foam roller, along with compression bands.  Coupled with the exercises and movements he had me do on a daily basis my shoulder has made a terrific recovery. I don’t think I’ll ever get it back to 100 percent, but I’d say it’s close; it’s probably 96.5% of what it used to be.

Today I see a different AT, who is also great. The one downside about AT’s is there aren’t a lot of them. It’s a relatively new program and only a limited number of schools offer it. Hence, they’re often in high demand.

If you’re a semi-pro or professional athlete I would strongly recommend seeing an AT for any injury.

The Beginner’s Hunting Trip

I had never been hunting before this trip. If you’re looking for advice on white-tail deer hunting and how to hunt, this is not the place for you. This is a tale of my first hunting trip. All I knew about hunting before this is that you need a rifle, all sorts of firearms accessories, and a lot of patience!

I still don’t know the ins and outs of hunting. I went along mostly for the fun and learned how to track deer and shoot a rifle in the process, but an expert I am not. :) Most of my time was spent at our campsite, especially after I saw the first deer go down.

My Job

I’m a professional rodeo star in Texas, and I compete in barrel racing, calf roping and bareback riding for part of the year.


Usually during our off season I spend time with my horses or help out part-time at my Dad’s hardware store. This year, my long time friend and fellow rodeo star, Susan talked me into going along on her and her husband’s annual deer hunting trip. I figured, why not? It’ll be a new experience, and a lot of our mutual rodeo friends would be going along.

Camping Out

The camping out part was a lot of fun. Gathered around the fire, our trailers pulled in a circle, I felt like the cowboys must have felt in the pioneer days with their wagons in a circle around the fire. We ate beans, drank whiskey, and told stories about our rodeo adventures. Some of the guys smoked cigarettes and told hunting stories.

Myself and the other ladies took on the chores of washing up the dishes; all the while joking around about being the women-folk.

The Hunting

The first day out Dave, Susan’s husband, took myself and some of the other ladies out and taught us how to fire our rifles. Gun safety is very important to me, so I’m glad they focused on the safe handling and storage of the rifle. On the second day, Dave showed us how to track deer. I drew the line when the deer urine was introduced. Donned in my fluorescent orange jacket, I was all about roughing it (after all, I can hold my own with most men when it comes to horseback riding) but I was not adoring myself with eau de urine nor touching it. With a wrinkled up nose, I declined.

I was able to take a shot at a beautiful buck on my third day. He was regal, his antlers were proud, and his brown eyes were sad. It was hard to pull that trigger.


After I saw an actual deer shot and brought back to camp, I was done. My love of animals and a lifetime of caring for horses wouldn’t allow me to shoot an animal. Even if I intended to eat it. In fact, I might be turned off venison for the rest of my life after this experience.

How To Stay Healthy On The Road While You Travel

As any professional athlete will tell you, the sporting season can be brutal.  While we do love what we do, traveling from town to town can take a toll on your personal life, your health, and even your mental well being.  It is hard to strike the balance between participating in every possible event and also not getting run down.  While, logically, we all know that nothing is more important that our health, I think we have all found ourselves in the situation where we are compromising our health for what we think is an important reason.

So if you have a brutal travel schedule – for whatever reason – here are some tips I have that will help you stay healthy.

Always get a good nights sleep

This is the most important rule – if you aren’t sleeping well, it will affect everything else during the day, and not only will your stats (if you are an athlete) show that, but the effects are cumulative.  One of the important ways to get a good nights sleep is to travel with your own pillow.  I think we have all stayed at a hotel or a friends house when the pillow wasn’t quite right, and we tossed and turned the whole night long.  Along with the pillow, bring a sleep mask and ear plugs.  You never know if you will end up with light curtains or really noisy neighbors, and while you may not use the mask or pillow, you will be glad that you have it in the long run.

Bring your snacks with you

Travel with a small cooler of snacks and water.  If you are flying as you travel you may not have as much flexibility, but you can buy water in the airport, and flying does have a tendency to dehydrate you.  If you are driving, give up the dream of making great time and drive for 5 hours without stopping.  If you are able to drive for 5 hours without stopping then you aren’t drinking enough water.  No one, no matter how fit or what age, should sit for extended periods of time without standing up because it increases the possibility of blood clots.  Drink a lot of water, and stop every few hours, if only for a bathroom break.  You will find it really doesn’t slow you down and you will feel a lot better for it.  There are some great healthy snacks you can get at the store, like dried fruit or wholesome nuts, but many of the snacks that are easy to transport aren’t very healthy.  Consider investing in a small mini food processor to bring with you.  It won’t take up much room, and then you can make a lot of your own snacks, including smoothies with fresh fruit, while you are on the road.  You could even make your own hummus.

Plan ahead

Lastly, a great way to avoid stress while you are traveling is to plan ahead.   While it may seem adventurous to show up into the new town without a hotel reservation and not knowing where you are going, it does add a level of stress.  After being on the road for a few months, the less stress the better.  Plan ahead, confirm your reservation, and then you will know for sure where you are resting your head at night!

Keeping my dogs safe on the ranch (especially near horses)

Being a rodeo rider has enriched my life in multiple ways. This call has only come as natural to me since I have spent my entire life on ranches and in near vicinity of different animals. I have always felt close connection with horses and have enjoyed riding them ever since I was put on their back for the first time. Everyone who has experienced that will tell you that nothing is even close to a feeling one has while riding a horse. It is only about you, that noble creature and vast space surrounding you. Living on a ranch allows you to take advantage of spacious fields and forests where you can enjoy with your partner, the horse.

However, living on a big ranch allows you to have all the other animals you wish. They have enough space to freely run around,keeping-dogs-safe-around-horses-missrodeo-208x300 and enjoy in discovering new locations for play. This is especially related to dogs, which are my second love after the horses. I love the dogs and I cannot resist them, so much that my friends say that my ranch sometimes looks like a shelter for stray dogs.

Usually, my dogs and horses get along but I needed to find a way to protect the dogs since they are so small and can easily get hurt when being around big and strong animals like horses. In addition to this, there are numerous locations on the ranch where dogs can get hurt. They are so interested in exploring every part of the ranch, and they can easily get hurt in the bushes, near the lake or river, get stuck in the fences, or, even worse, be caught in bear or wolf traps that are set up in the remote part of the ranches. I cannot be with them all the time nor do I want to put them in boxes where they would be limited to couple of meters of play space.

Thus, the solution that proved to be the most successful and most secure for the dogs have been wireless dog fences. There is variety of them to be bought, but they consist of a collar that is set up to limit the area where they can move and play around. We went with the big Havahart system because it had the longest range. If they try to go outside of the limitations, they will sense a mild electronic shock that will remind them to go back. You can set the boundaries and change them in accordance with the need. It is completely safe for them and provides them security from all the dangers that lie around the ranch.

When I am not home, I know that my dogs are safe because their boundaries have been set up. At the same time, they do not feel as being trapped in a big cage, nor they are bounded by wires or anything else. They can freely play around while being protected.

It is of immense importance for me to know that my pets are safe, and the wireless fence system has been a life saving for me. Try it yourselves and you will see how relaxed you will know that you do not have to worry about your pet’s safety. Hope to see you on rodeo some day – feel free to approach and thank me for the advice!

Learning To Shoot A Rifle on a Horse Ranch

Wide open spaces, rolling green hills, miles of open land, and a sunny afternoons mean different things to different people. Some might see a chance to go riding on their favorite horse or take a long walk with that special someone. Some see an opportunity to grab a pole, a friend, and a cold one and head for the lake. And then there are those who pop open the cab of their truck, pull out a slim black weapon case, and head for a long range of nothing that ends with a wide berm.

The latter are the types that are calculating windages while their friends are watching trees move in the wind. They know what to do with a clear sky and a 2.23. If you aren’t one of those guys and your sunny afternoons could use a little noise and a rain of brass then you are in a decent amount of luck. There are many places online to get firearms training information about improving your accuracy especially if you own a Russian rifle like my relatives by using the best mosin nagant scopes like the best22rifle talks about.

Sport shooting is the real deal. Its not a old British aristocrat in his backyard with a skeet shooter. Ranch-300x200We are talking camouflage, ammunition, and an AR-15 air cooled, gas operated weapon system with the best AR-15 Optics and shooting accessories you could spend your paycheck on. Scopes, sights, lasers, and optics are all there for the taking. Plenty like to talk about how they don’t need those things to hit a target and they might be right. But clearly, they’ve forgotten how fun it used to be to play with toys.

That guy who is standing in that open field hasn’t forgotten. He lines up his perfectly zeroed optic with the center mass of the E-type silhouette one hundred and fifty meters down range and starts minding his breathing. A moment later he’s pulling that AR-15 tight to his shoulder and squeezing that easy trigger. The explosion of sound that follows lies about how hard the kick was on his shoulder and he lets out a whoop and holler when he sees blue through the hole in the target.

Earnest Hemingway once wrote a book about an old man and the sea. Someday, another great writer is going to write about an old man and his ranch. On that ranch there will be family, horses, a tractor or two, and a case full of guns. In that book, that old man will spend as much time shooting, cleaning, and polishing his gun as he will riding, washing, and caring for his horses. He’s not a violent man he just has an understanding with the metal in that weapons case. He understand their ins and outs and they never let him down.

Experience this for yourself if you think you can. Grab a hold of something powerful and let a few go. Sunny afternoons may lose some of their quiet once you get your own feel for a perfect rifle, but they might gain a little peace in return.

Hunting and Other Horse Fun Besides the Rodeo!

Aside from the thrill of the chase and pursuit of your prey or just sitting for long hours in a tree-stand, it might be a great new experience to try doing it all from horseback. If you have never thought about trying horseback hunting or are about to then please read on for some further information about why it can be fun and beneficial to you as a hunter.

There is no hunting experience quite like riding a horse and hunting at the same time because it just gets you that much closer to nature than just by walking on your own. The fact that you are getting to try something new is wonderful all by itself.Horse-300x199 You can get to places and see things that might be extremely difficult to do just on foot alone. One of the greatest benefits of taking a horse with you while hunting is that you won’t waste much energy on traveling time. Experienced horseback hunters have even claimed to be able to get much closer to the game while mounted than just walking.

If you are hunting alone then a horse also makes a wonderful companion because its primary objective is to aid you in what you are doing. Taking a horse with you is also great because while you are hunting it will also help you with a much easier way of carrying things such as a backpack or even your weapon. When traveling for long distances all that gear can get rather heavy and tire you out much faster than when a horse is doing that work for you.

The Gilbert Days Rodeo – Great Fun!

Down in the town of Gilbert, Arizona there is an organization known as the Gilbert Promotional Corporation or the (GPC) whom had been founded back in 1978. It was established by a group of ranchers and businessmen from Gilbert in order to encourage important family principles, bring attention to as well as highlight the town of Gilbert and to keep the character and soul of the west alive and well. Today, because of many events like the ones below, the city of Gilbert has now been ranked as the 36th best place in the country to live in. Now that’s an accomplishment!

Gilbert Promotional Corporation had been renting and sustaining the Gilbert Rodeo Park but then in 2011Rodeo-300x258 there was no renewal of the lease. Rodeo Park at long last had to be abandoned because the (GPC) was obligated to leave and remove all its resources. Before it had been pushed to leave it had been the only community equestrian setting in Gilbert. Many excellent events and corporations had been organized there such as the National Barrel Horse Association (NBHA), the Gilbert Days Rodeo, the Arizona Junior Rodeo Association (AJRA), the Arizona High School Rodeo Association (AHSRA) and several more. The (GPC) has established a wonderful relationship with many of these organizations over the past years.

Within the time period of the Gilbert Days there are several events such as rodeos, fund-raisers,community servicing tasks and much business for the local printing and newspaper companies. The 4th of July Celebration has also been held as well as team roping, pony express, barrel racing and the like. There is sure to be something in it for everyone attending. Continue reading